CBX Cannabis Available Now At Bubblegum Dispensary

Bubblegum Dispensary is excited to offer you some of the most unique and award-winning cannabis strains available on the market today, so without further ado, allow us to introduce…CBX cannabis. We take pride in sourcing products from Cannabiotix (CBX), a company that has over a decade of experience in growing and breeding world-class flower. CBX is known for their commitment to natural and sustainable farming techniques, which result in PGR free and award-winning cannabis strains.

One of A Kind CBX Cannabis Strains

At CBX, they have an immense appreciation for the cannabis plant and its unique qualities and medical benefits. Their team of industry veterans has been collecting an archive of mind-blowing genetics consisting of rare heirloom classics, new school exotics, and CBX in-house creations. In the past few years, they have bred these old-school classic heirlooms with new and exotic cultivars to create exclusive strains that produce one-of-a-kind cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Try Our Popular GMO Cannabis

One of our most popular strains is GMO, also known as GM-UHOH or Garlic Cookies. This stupid funky cross between Chemdawg and Forum Cookies is known for its incredibly unique terpene profile and soothing high. With a mix of garlic, onion, mushroom, and gas, GMO is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s just as strong as it smells. These light green, spade-shaped buds are draped in crystals and feature orange hairs throughout, with the occasional streaking violet hue. With THC testing between 32%-36%, this potent smoke can lead to a state of sedation and tranquility, making it a great strain for chronic pain, anxiety, and nausea.

Tantalize Your Senses With Zereal Milk

Another strain we love is Zereal Milk, which is a cross between cereal milk and Zkittles. This exclusive strain from Cannabiotix produces multi-colored, frosty, forest green buds that have a Christmas tree type formation and are enveloped in dark orange hairs with streaks of aqua blue & purple throughout. The joyful, soothing, and sedating high produced by this smooth indica-dominant hybrid makes it an easy smoke for any occasion, day or night. Plus, the mix of tangy tropical fruit and vanilla ice cream flavors is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

The CBX Cannabis Quality Difference

The quality of CBX products truly speaks for itself, and we take pride in offering our customers some of the best cannabis strains money can buy. At Bubblegum Dispensary, we want to provide you with a fun and welcoming atmosphere to explore new strains and discover the unique effects and flavors of each one. So come on in, and let us help you find your new favorite strain today!