Glass House Cannabis Available At Bubblegum Dispensary

Bubblegum Dispensary is proud to carry the cannabis creations of the legendary Glass House. Their distinctive products include eighth jars, jam-packed with the signature flower that Glass House is known for. We know you’ll love the potent quality of their products and appreciate their unwavering dedication to sustainability.

At Glass House, they believe in growing high-quality plants sustainably, so you can get access to the best cannabis at an affordable price. Plus, they’re committed to making a positive impact on their consumers, employees, communities, and the planet – so you can feel good about your purchase.

The Donny Burger #5 strain is a perfect example of the exceptional quality you’ll find in Glass House products. It’s an indica-dominant strain that will leave you feeling euphoric, giggly, and relaxed – the perfect combo for unwinding after a long day or boosting your mood.

And the flavor! It’s like a symphony of bliss for the senses. Cheese, citrus, and pepper combined for a truly remarkable and tantalizing taste experience…you won’t find anything else quite like it.

Whether you’re looking for stress relief, a mood boost, or just a way to unwind, Glass House Cannabis has got you covered. And with their environmentally sensitive techniques like integrated pest management and water recapture, you can feel good about the impact your purchase is having on the planet.