Enjoy The Potency of Pow Cannabis Today, At Bubblegum Dispensary

Bubblegum Dispensary, your go-to spot for cannabis greatness now carries POW! MEGA POTENT Cannabis! We are thrilled to offer the most popular cannabis strains from California…grown to perfection for your ultimate enjoyment.

Looking for an upbeat cerebral burst from Sativa? Or a restorative and relaxing Indica mood enhancer? Or maybe a true Hybrid experience that provides a jolt of energy with a body high? Whatever your preference, POW! MEGA POTENT Cannabis has got you covered with their carefully curated buds.

Their sticky, fluffy, silky nugs and budlets will give you a MEGA POTENT dose of POW! day or night. And we are super excited to add XXX Indoor Exotic POW! NOIR to our stony lineup! Grown with tender loving care in California, these highly cultivated and highly potent buds are next level!

POW’s aromatic and terpy strains like Lemon Cherry Gelato, Gelatti, SFVOG, and Alien Creamsicle are simply delicious and will make you go bananas! Trust us; these buds are so good, you’ll never want to leave Bubblegum Dispensary.